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Bellingham Physical Therapy is a private practice orthopedic clinic, providing comprehensive out-patient physical therapy services. We are locally owned and operated, proudly serving the Bellingham community since 1981.

Our mission is to provide exceptional, creative physical therapy in the treatment of the whole person by offering innovative solutions, combining the art and science of physical therapy to alleviate limitations of the musculoskeletal system.



We pride ourselves on being a hands-on clinic, with highly skilled and specialized manual therapists. Our hands are the primary tool to assess and treat disorders in the fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint segments and the nervous system. We routinely treat Orthopedic Therapy, Rehabilitation Therapy and Work Related Injuries with immediate, long-term, positive results and provide relief for a multitude of conditions and diseases including Sports Injuries, Neurological Conditions, Chronic Pain Management and more...



I so appreciate the whole package that is Bellingham Physical Therapy. The physical therapists are sympathetic, highly skilled and very effective. The front desk staff is friendly and informative. The location and hours are convenient and the office is bright and inviting. I have gone from debilitating headaches that would last three days down to about one headache a month. I never would have thought this was possible. I am so very grateful and would recommend Bellingham Physical Therapy to anyone.

-Laura L.


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